Barbara and Zdzisław Torhan have been married for nearly 45 years. Eight years ago the man left her to live with his lover, but returned home seven years later to his wife. Putting their relationship back together becomes extremely difficult for the both of them. Now, the unfaithful husband suggests organizing their 45th anniversary in order to make amends with his wife.

About the Director(s):

A student of Film Direction at The Film School in Lodz, Poland. Director of "Close Ties" - short documentary that has been shortlisted for the 2017 Academy® Awards. Up to date, the film has won 17 awards, including Golden Dove Award at DOK Leipzig 2016, Silver Dragon at Krakow Film Festival 2016 and IDFA Special Jury Award for Student Documentary. The film was also selected to play at Sundance Film Festival 2017. Other works by Zofia include short documentary and fiction studies, including "My luv", "Mikki" and "Don't call me mom". She is currently developing her next fiction short at The Lodz Film School as well as participates in Wajda School Documentary Film Program with her next documentary project.