The year is 1978 and an unstoppable asteroid is soaring directly for earth. As a family eats their last meal, a news program playing in the background confirms their inevitable and impending doom. For most, there isn’t much to do except sit and wait for the end. In paltry hero Samuel’s case, however, this is his last chance to prove to himself – and everyone else – that he’s not a loser.

About the Director(s):

Charlie Schwan was born in Austin, Tx, where he was raised by parents who were both involved in the Film Industry. From a very early age, Schwan would visit his Dad on set and see how a film set operates. Though overwhelming and intimidating, it immediately pulled him in: The whole magical essence that is captured on camera is felt, to a degree, on set and even as a kid, that magic stuck with him. From these early days, it was always clear that Schwan would follow in his parent’s footsteps to work in the industry. Not long after this realization, he concluded that not only did he want to work on productions, but he wanted to be the driving creative force behind them - to build the worlds and develop the characters. Ever since that day, Schwan has been making movies. Throughout high school he studied film and made shorts here and there, having a few premieres at festivals such as the Austin Film Festival and The Texas Revolution Festival.
After high school, Schwan was admitted into the Radio-Television-Film program at The University of Texas at Austin (UT), where he grew the most as a filmmaker. This program challenged him to think critically of film and simultaneously allow his own voice to emerge in projects. After three and a half years of film classes and small projects, Schwan was accepted into a Thesis class at UT, which resulted in the creation of The Goodnight Show. Currently, he is writing features and directing music videos.