Dasani is a motivated 9-year-old student with dreams of becoming an astronaut. After finding out that her class is going on a field trip to the Science Museum to see the Endeavor Space Shuttle, Dasani starts counting down days to that trip. After her mother doesn’t return from a rally one day, Dasani is forced to choose between going on that field trip or being with her siblings.

About the Director(s):

Los Angeles based filmmaker Aqsa Altaf loves to capture moments that feel like they are stolen from everyday life. Being raised in Kuwait by Pakistani and Sri Lankan parents, Aqsa is fascinated with telling stories that are diverse in nature. She loves to dig for stories, characters, and circumstances that show the audience the part of the world that usually doesn’t get much attention.

Aqsa was recently selected as one of the filmmakers to participate in the 2018 Werner Herzog Filmmaking Workshop in the Peruvian jungle organized by The Black Factory Cinema. She's worked for production companies like PLAN B, THE KENNEDY/MARSHALL COMPANY, ANNAPURNA PICTURES and MANDALAY ENTERTAINMENT as well as wrote, directed, and produced ten short films.

She is currently developing her first feature film.