Director, Producer

Lesley Chilcott

Lesley Chilcott is an award winning filmmaker, documentarian, and producer. She was a producer of the Academy Award-winning documentary, AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH and the rock documentary IT MIGHT GET LOUD. Other notable Chilcott-produced films include WAITING FOR SUPERMAN, for which she was awarded a win by the PGA for Outstanding Producer of Theatrical Documentary. Lesley directed the coffee documentary A SMALL SECTION OF THE WORLD and teen darling CODEGIRL, which after it’s theatrical toured the world through a program with the US State Department. Her short film CODESTARS garnered over 20 million views online. Lesley also directed commercials and branded content at Splendid & Co and hosts the popular screening series, THE DOC CLUB, for the Producer’s Guild in Los Angeles. Lesley is an Executive Producer on AN INCONVENIENT SEQUEL, currently in theaters.